• I came across a quote a few years ago and it has become the way in which we live our life and work on our business. Here is what has become our personal philosophy:


    Nothing worthy of accomplishment in life comes easy. Success consists of hard work and determination, or it is not worth succeeding. We like to work hard, make money and have fun.

    The power of one’s belief in themselves is the greatest tool any individual can possess. Believing in yourself helps solve the daily problems that are the stepping stones on the pathway to happiness and success.

    Finally, it is our belief that any accomplishment in life can be obtained if you (1) accept your goal as being extremely important to you, (2) constantly visualize yourself reaching that goal, (3) have the sincere desire and will to always be a winner.



    We are the proud parents of 4 wonderful children, live in a great home we built ourselves and enjoy a fruitful career in Real Estate for over 48 years. Such can only be achieved by providing exceptional service to our clients; EVERYTIME!

    We are committed to integrity, dependability, and service in all our business dealings.

    We have built our success in real estate sales on these important values.

    For prompt, efficient and courteous service call us at (613) 800-2592.

    We look forward to providing exceptional service and results.

    Wayne and Lucie