• It's not the size of our team that is important, it is the STRENGTH of our system and the INTEGRITY of our people.

      Wayne Clermont
    Sales Representative


    Wayne started life out with a great advantage few people are born into. No it was not old family money; Wayne was born and raised on a family farm in southern Manitoba. This has provided him with an upbeat, sincere point of view on life. From very early on, guided by his parents he worked all aspects the farm. Wayne learned how to quickly identify and resolve challenges and has no fear of the unknown. He cheerfully embraces challenges and derives a rush out of solving them. Wayne is driven to get results.

    Wayne visited his recently transferred sister and brother in law in Ottawa in the fall of 1987 and fell in love with the best City in the world. He never left; instead he has made it home! Wayne is a natural born leader. He is a perfectionist who just won’t accept the status quo. Wayne started his Real Estate career in 1988 after having completed the provincial education requirement.

    After ten years in the real estate industry Wayne easily convinced his girl friend, now wife, Lucie to enter the real estate field as well. Wayne and Lucie both enjoy new challenges and feed off each other’s drive in doing so. They custom built an idyllic, technologically advanced, family home in 2006-2007, without the aid of a general contractor. They have since filled their home with an outstanding daughter and three very busy boys, all before their fifth wedding anniversary.

    Their “Canadian themed” children, Maple 2006 (for the maple leaf,) Hudson 2007 (for Canada's largest body of water,) Logan 2009 (for Canada's tallest mountain,) and Mackenzie 2010 (Canada's longest river,) continue to provide fun daily challenges other than those faced in the real estate industry.

    The real estate industry is changing exponentially here in the later half of the second decade of the new millennium, more than in Wayne’s entire previous 27 years. Technology and service options that nobody would have imagined just 10 years ago are now the norm for today’s Realtors. Wayne has a keen and excited ability to think outside the box, endorsing Twitter and Facebook’s place in today’s real estate industry. Wayne has a unique sense of what works and what doesn’t and has zero tolerance for unprofessionalism.

    In order to achieve your goals, you must be open to new ideas, apply new skills and work hard. Wayne accomplishes that daily and looks forward to servicing your real estate needs with the utmost in client care and satisfaction.




     null Lucie Clermont
    Bilingual Sales Representative


    Lucie is an Ottawa woman, born and bred; a rarity in such a transient city. Lucie is truly bilingual, having been educated in French during her primary school years and studying in both English and French at the University of Ottawa.

    Lucie's University education in the computer field helps her keep current with the ever changing technology and social media aspects of the real esate business. Although Lucie is great with computers, her true passion is working face-to-face with people, so a leap to the real estate service industry in 1998 seemed a natural choice. 

    Lucie has never been a traditional Realtor in any sense of the word. Knowing that she was going to make real estate sales her career, Lucie enrolled and mentored under the #1 Realtor in the world at the very start of her career. It was a major investment in both time and money, but she was determined that she was going to do it right and lead the direction of the industry. Lucie’s learned programs and services that would eventually be followed by some of the most productive and enduring Realtors in the world today.

    Lucie married her long time companion Wayne in 2005. Together they built their custom, smart house and have filled it with a beautiful daughter and 3 very busy boys all before their 5 th wedding anniversary all while continuing to expand their successful real estate business.

    Lucie looks forward to the continued calls from past clients who may be looking for a referral to a professional in the mortgage, home services, construction or legal fields. Lucie enjoys calls from new clients: they find her approachable marketing style puts them at ease. Lucie gets great satisfaction from knowing that helping people get what they want in life helps her get what she wants and needs in her family’s life.

    Lucie looks forward to hearing from you and you can rest assured that she and her team have perfectly managed systems in place which offers you uninterrupted premium service which is very hard to come by in 2016.